Ways to Enhance Your Winter Curb Appeal 

When you are staging your home, winter curb appeal is still valid. It does not mean that you can forget about your curb appeal just because it is chilly outside. Making good impression is just as important as ever if you are trying to sell your house during colder months. 

Winter Curb Appeal 

It is true that the weather will make it a bit challenging to maintain the exterior of your house. However, even though winter can feel much drab and dreary, there are still various ways to boost your homes curb appeal during the offseason. To help you, here are some winter curb appeal tips to attract buyers. 

The first thing that you must do is to secure that no damage to in your plumbing is present especially in this cold weather. You can contact Annapolis water damage for professional assistance. 

    Add Holiday Lights and Décor 

The illumination of your home can make a big difference similar to interior home lighting. Highlight the landscaping with outdoor lighting throughout the winter and you will notice that potential buyers will drop by to admire your property.  

Make sure not to overdo it even if it is true that highlighting certain features of your house and landscaping will greatly increase its appeal. Additionally, it will also enhance security as well as the safety of your property.  It is advisable that you wrap lights around the trees, birdbaths, and fountains. 

You can consider using landscaping lighting to accentuate trees, pathways, front entry, and shrubs if the holidays are behind. To highlight architectural details that can help your home stand out amongst the snow and winter trees, you can use architectural lighting aimed at your home. 

    Bring Festive Colors 

With winter curb appeal, exterior home color is important. There are still ways to bring color into your home even though flowers are gone in winter. To brighten the area, start by painting your front door with bold color. To add flair to your front yard, follow it up with a colorful mailbox. However, you must ensure that you will not paint over the house numbers. 

To increase your curb appeal, adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your house is always a great and budget friendly idea. It will not just give your house a new look but it will also add a layer of protection from moisture and elements. 

If you want to further protect your home from moisture and elements especially during the wet season, you must inspect your roof and make sure to repair its problems. However, it is quite challenging to repair your roof during winter so it is advisable that you contact professionals to inspect and repair your roof. 

    Ensure Your Outdoor Winter Home Looks Inviting 

You do not have to neglect your patio décor just because it is wintertime. To create a gorgeous curb appeal, use this space to your advantage. There are numerous ways to create an aesthetic and functional patio during colder months. 

For instance, since harder materials do better in the harsh winter season, it is a good idea to replace teak or wicker with an aluminum or iron. A great way to instantly update the space is by adding throw pillows and blankets in warm colors. 



Ten Tips for Photographing Excellent Headshots

Photographing a headshot may seem like a horrible prospect. To have a person in front of the camera, posing to you for positivity and direction, is an intense environment. Most people are generally critical of themselves in pictures and feel nervous. Nonetheless, there are a few simple things, which you may do to make it much simpler and easier for everyone.  


The following are the 10 tips to aid you to photograph great headshots in Baltimore 

Set a Pre-session Consultation 

Before you proceed to your session, you have to make sure you have the idea of how the pictures will be used and to what style they would prefer. This may be face to face or through a phone. Talking to them personally or through phone makes them feel more relaxed compared to email. This will also allow you to aid them to prepare for the session proper. In addition to that, you have to make sure they have an idea and are as confident as possible.  

Find out the client’s profession, so you will have a background and knowledge of what the theme is going to be. You also have to determine what they prefer so that you will be prepared for the day.  

Help Them Pick the Right Clothing 

Generally speaking, solid and neutral colors are great for headshots, as we want to avoid everything that disturbs from the clients’ faces. If you desire to look it as a formal style, make sure everyone does not forget to bring formal clothing with them. Most men forget to bring their coats, therefore to have it consistent, try to have a spare on you. If you have precious time with the person, have them bring some few clothes and remind them to have their clothes ironed as well.  

Create Separation in Distinction to the background 

You make sure that your client is not very close to the background. As a matter of fact, if you’re using a studio background, like maybe a wall of the office, and you let your subject stand close to it, you can see some shadows on the wall, that makes a less professional image. For environmental headshots outdoors, it is also recommended that you have a separation from the background. In addition to that, the bokeh also creates a good nondescript background, most especially when it’s shot at a wide aperture.  

Starting the Session 

Whether you’re photographing headshots for a whole team or a single person, it’s very important that you have to talk to them first in order to help them feel more relaxed and look natural in the photo. This can be a quick ten seconds talk or a confident handshake, as well as a simple how are you. This is due to the fact that most people generally feel tense about have their photo taken, which is why talking with them regarding with something that they’re comfortable in, such as their personal life will really help them to be more comfortable in the picture.  


Simple and Easy To-do Tips to Maintain your Gas Furnace

When the winter season is near at hand, we all dread the coming coldness of temperature that we sometimes couldn’t handle. Good thing is that we have our furnace at the ready to combat this coldness and give us some warmth. Literally, our furnace is what makes our home comfortable and habitable during the cold, bitter winter months. 

With the importance of our gas furnace, we must keep it in tip-top shape so that it will function in the cold months as we needed it to. Because no matter how long your gas furnace has been working, there will come a time when it will contract some failures. To help you avoid these situations, here are the simple and easy-to-do tips to maintain your gas furnace. 

Gas Furnace 

Safety First

In maintaining your gas furnace, this is the most important step of all; it is to make yourself safe first. Like all other appliances, your gas furnace can be pretty dangerous when mishandled because it dwells on the use of electricity and gas, which are pretty dangerous individually or combined.  

When dealing and trying to fix something on your furnace, make sure that you turn off the machine first. Better, try to unplug all the wire and other components that are connected to any electrical outlets. Then the next thing to do is to make sure that the gas is not leaking when you are working with it. You can detect gas leaking by sniffing the air if you notice some presence of it, contact professionals to fix the problem. 

Change or Clean Air Filter System

The first component of air furnaces that you have to deal with is its air filter system. Its air filter system has a huge impact on the efficiency of the furnace and the quality of warm air it produces. The air filter system is there to prevent dust, dirt and other debris from getting inside the furnace, and sometimes it accumulates so much of these things that it gets clogged. Filters are available on your hardware store at low prices, so you better update your air filter system if it is needed. 

Checking the Thermostat

Another important component of gas furnace that you need to pay attention to is its thermostat. You will know when your thermostat is not working properly when the temperature of the room is not the same as the reading on the thermostat. Normally, the thermostat will work properly for a number of years, but if you feel that it shows signs of inaccuracy, then maybe it is the time to change it. 

Have Professionals check It

When your furnace is not working as well as you are used to, then maybe something is wrong or going wrong with it. To prevent further damage to ensue, better call professionals to have your furnace checked and repaired if it has something wrong with it. For excellent service and furnace parts, call professional furnace replacements to have your machine fixed.