Ten Tips for Photographing Excellent Headshots

Photographing a headshot may seem like a horrible prospect. To have a person in front of the camera, posing to you for positivity and direction, is an intense environment. Most people are generally critical of themselves in pictures and feel nervous. Nonetheless, there are a few simple things, which you may do to make it much simpler and easier for everyone.  


The following are the 10 tips to aid you to photograph great headshots in Baltimore 

Set a Pre-session Consultation 

Before you proceed to your session, you have to make sure you have the idea of how the pictures will be used and to what style they would prefer. This may be face to face or through a phone. Talking to them personally or through phone makes them feel more relaxed compared to email. This will also allow you to aid them to prepare for the session proper. In addition to that, you have to make sure they have an idea and are as confident as possible.  

Find out the client’s profession, so you will have a background and knowledge of what the theme is going to be. You also have to determine what they prefer so that you will be prepared for the day.  

Help Them Pick the Right Clothing 

Generally speaking, solid and neutral colors are great for headshots, as we want to avoid everything that disturbs from the clients’ faces. If you desire to look it as a formal style, make sure everyone does not forget to bring formal clothing with them. Most men forget to bring their coats, therefore to have it consistent, try to have a spare on you. If you have precious time with the person, have them bring some few clothes and remind them to have their clothes ironed as well.  

Create Separation in Distinction to the background 

You make sure that your client is not very close to the background. As a matter of fact, if you’re using a studio background, like maybe a wall of the office, and you let your subject stand close to it, you can see some shadows on the wall, that makes a less professional image. For environmental headshots outdoors, it is also recommended that you have a separation from the background. In addition to that, the bokeh also creates a good nondescript background, most especially when it’s shot at a wide aperture.  

Starting the Session 

Whether you’re photographing headshots for a whole team or a single person, it’s very important that you have to talk to them first in order to help them feel more relaxed and look natural in the photo. This can be a quick ten seconds talk or a confident handshake, as well as a simple how are you. This is due to the fact that most people generally feel tense about have their photo taken, which is why talking with them regarding with something that they’re comfortable in, such as their personal life will really help them to be more comfortable in the picture.